Set and Go! 8 Reasons to Visit Alaska

June 25, 2013

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1. Beautiful coastlines

Take a peaceful walk or enjoy a smooth ride along the coast. Enjoy the beautiful views and check out all the shops for tourists.

2. Majestic Mountain Foliage

The mountains in Denali National Park are very colorful.  You can see strong but gentle clouds floating along the mountain tops. This is a kind of beauty I can’t fully describe; because I’ve never seen it anywhere else, I really have nothing I can compare it to.  Be sure to bring warm clothing that you can easily take on and off.  There’s a big difference between the temperature during the day and the temperature at night.  Some of the parks close during the off-season.  Be sure to check the hours if you plan to visit any of the parks.

3. Fresh Seafood

I’ve really enjoyed the freshness of Alaska seafood. King Crabs, Salmon, and Scallops are my favorites.  The food in Alaska can be more expensive than the food on the US mainland.  Be sure to bring enough cash.  To save money, buy the fresh seafood directly from the shop and cook it yourself.


4. Mount McKinley (aka Denali)

Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in the United States. It’s a true snow-covered beauty. We took an airplane tour and saw it from the sky.  What an amazing experience!  Make sure to call early if you want book an airplane tour, they can get quite busy at certain times of the year.


5. Mirror Lake

Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Denali National Park area, take the Denali Park bus to most easily enjoy this peaceful and beautiful lake.  Little heart-shaped white flowers can be found in the bushes near the lake. And when there isn’t any fog, you can see Mount McKinley.

6. Boat Cruises

On the ocean there are icebergs floating. You can hear them just as the boat cruises by, crushing through the ice. We took a cruise at Kenai and made some new friends. I met a group of tourists from the Netherlands, and they invited me to take a picture with them in front of one of the very large glaciers we passed on our cruise.

7. Abundant Wildlife

I saw sea lions, puffins, whales, a bald eagle, and many other sea animals on that cruise at Kenai. You can see more ocean mammals and water foul in Alaska than anywhere else in the US. There are also many land animals in Denali Park. The park rangers will warn you about bears and instruct you on how to avoid them.

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8. Glacier Hikes

The boat cruise isn’t the only way to experience the glaciers.  You can hike to them on foot. I walked to Exit Glacier.  It’s a very different experience.

Why didn't I mention the Northern lights? 
You can see them from Fairbanks, Alaska in the early morning. 
But I didn't go to Fairbanks. we didn't have enough time. 
No problem!  It gives us a great reason to go back.

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