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Enjoy More and Worry Less: Tea and Patience

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I have many hobbies, including playing Go and Chess, practicing Tai Chi, Gardening, Chinese calligraphy, and making a cup of tea.  But all of the hobbies I enjoy have something in common, they all require patience. Finding Patience Brewing Tea I love tea because it helps me relax and it quiets my mind. Water is the mother of tea, and so water is the mother of this relaxation. Waiting for the water to boil slows down the pace of daily...

7 Habits — Confucius’ Healthy Eating Wisdom

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Long before the US Department of Agriculture developed The Food Pyramid, Confucius (551-479 BCE) had already taught that he would never allow the quantity of meat to exceed the quantity of rice he took. How else did a sage like Confucius eat his meals?  Confucius recorded 7 eating habits that he believed would cultivate a wise and healthy lifestyle. 1. Prepare your food mindfully; cut everything into small portions that are easy to chew.  Make sure the food is fully cooked, and...