Lao Tzu’s Secret Passage of Relaxation

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The softest substance of the world Goes through the hardest. That-which-is-without-form penetrates that-which-has-no-crevice; Through this I know the benefit of taking no action. The teaching without words And the benefit of taking no action Are without comparison in the universe. — The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (Translated by Lin Yutang) It’s normal not to be relaxed Relaxation is not a normal state. We are trained to use force to do everything in our daily lives.  Pushing a door, lifting a...

Relax your body: Understanding the 8 Sections and 9 Joints

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Many people want to become relaxed, but they can only relax part of their body. When they relax their hands, their shoulders might tighten. When they relax their shoulders, their waist might tighten.  In Tai Chi, you need your whole body to be relaxed. In order to relax, we need to understand Ba Duan Jiu Jie, which in English translates as, “8 Sections and 9 joints”. What are the 8 Sections of your body? 1. Shins 2. Thighs 3. Waist...

Enjoy More and Worry Less: Tea and Patience

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I have many hobbies, including playing Go and Chess, practicing Tai Chi, Gardening, Chinese calligraphy, and making a cup of tea.  But all of the hobbies I enjoy have something in common, they all require patience. Finding Patience Brewing Tea I love tea because it helps me relax and it quiets my mind. Water is the mother of tea, and so water is the mother of this relaxation. Waiting for the water to boil slows down the pace of daily...