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8 Ways to Memorize the Tai Chi Form: Prevent Memory loss from Aging

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Tai Chi won’t just improve your health; practicing and learning the forms will improve your memory, too. According to Harvard Medical School’s Special Health Report, there are 7 ways to prevent memory loss that is caused by aging: Don’t smoke Maintain a healthy diet Get enough sleep Take vitamin supplements Cultivate healthy relationships Learn new things Exercise While most people are usually very pleased to be able to kill two birds with one stone, you can kill 3  birds (numbers 5, 6,...

Relax your body: Understanding the 8 Sections and 9 Joints

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Many people want to become relaxed, but they can only relax part of their body. When they relax their hands, their shoulders might tighten. When they relax their shoulders, their waist might tighten.  In Tai Chi, you need your whole body to be relaxed. In order to relax, we need to understand Ba Duan Jiu Jie, which in English translates as, “8 Sections and 9 joints”. What are the 8 Sections of your body? 1. Shins 2. Thighs 3. Waist...